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Agary Adult Diaper (UNISEX): Adult diaper are disposable underwear designed for more freedom, independence and convenience to cope with excretion of urine, feaces or blood. Diapers are necessary for some adults in so many situations but majorly for health cases (incontinence patients and adults who suffer from mobility impairment or dementia). Diapers can also be used for people in situations where the toilet is not an option or an inconvenience, also during post maternity care and after surgery. There are many other cases like, not wanting to share a toilet, travelling a long distance journey in a public transport while purging or stooling subsequently and lack of movement for a long period of time.

Directions on HOW TO WEAR: Adult diapers needs to be folded correctly without touching the surface to avoid contamination. Diapers are to be placed from front to back. Place it in the position that is comfortable enough to use for a longtime. Tape it up firmly but not too tight, Adjust the edges for comfort.

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